HUSØYBASE AS is an industrial base. It contains premises and equipment suitable for many different enterprises. It is part of the Elf base which was part of the license conditions for the oil company’s entry into the North Sea. For this reason, the base is built for the needs of the offshore industry.

After development on all sides, the base is located in the middle of the largest industrial field in Haugalandet, which is in Karmøy municipality. This is also where the central harbor is being developed. Husøy is in the middle of the Karmsundet with a deep water quay and is connected to the main roads in all directions.

Especially now that the new T-connection under Karmsundet has arrived. Not least, the airport is only 5 minutes from us.

Just as close is Avaldsnes Church with the history center and Visnes with the mining museum and the special Fransa garden facing the sea. Haugesund city center is only 10 minutes away.

The base has five parts:
• Office wing with various facilities of  600 m2
• Concrete hall with a 12-tonne overhead crane and yellow heat from water.
• Cold steel hall with 20 tonne overhead crane on 420 m2
• Shelter with associated wardrobes of 160 m2
• Borehole down to 320 meters with derrick connected to premises for testing equipment and teaching.

The base has its own new data and telephone system with fiber cables in the network into the building in addition to broadband.
Natural gas line goes to the base. The outdoor areas are spacious and have a shoreline with a very short path to the deep-water quay.
Husøybase has approved drawings for expansion, which can take place immediately.

Extension of steel hall of 30 x 20 metres

New office wing of 18 x 18 meters on 4 floors

Floor plans 1st floor

Planned new construction ( 2011 )